How does QuickCareDirect save me money? - We developed QuickCareDirect to be less expensive than a routine office visit. Our visits are $40 or less depending on your needs. This is often less than a co-pay.

Can I also save on tests? - Yes. We also offer discounted lab and MRI tests to save you money.

How can QuickCareDirect save me time? - We offer two options to fit most people’s busy schedules. You can schedule an appointment or you can request to be seen immediately.

Where can I do my televisit from? - Anywhere. All you need is your phone, tablet or computer with a camera and voice. Most new phones, tablets and equipment are fully equipped and you only need to make sure it is on or enabled. This provides you the freedom to be at home, work, or even on vacation. Good lighting and quiet surroundings make the visit faster and smoother.

Is QuickCareDirect right for everyone? - No. Due to the nature of video visits, we exercise caution, with multiple or complex problems, or complicated conditions. These patients are better served with a traditional office visit.

Why do you use video visits? - Video visits are required by law in most states and it is also offers a better quality of evaluation than voice or text alone.

How will I be charged? - Your Credit card will be charged at the end of the Telehealth visit or when Tests are ordered.

How soon will I receive and answer after requesting a visit? - We strive for a reply in 15 min or less.

Other questions? - Use the contact us button at the top of the page.